Semantic HTML – Your Content is a Mysterious Box

Browsers don’t speak English. They don’t understand your content, and they can’t parse your intentions. Even if your users know perfectly well what you’re going on about, they may never lay eyes on your website┬áif web crawlers and search engines can’t see inside the mysterious box of content that you haphazardly threw together and posted online.

Even though the greenest web designers and developers may be familiar with the phrase “semantic markup”, many of them don’t understand the extent to which it affects their websites.

In my latest TutsPlus video course, Semantic HTML: How to Structure Web Pages, I cover the basics of what semantic HTML is and why it’s crucial to be more deliberate in the way your structure your markup. Even if you hire the best copywriter in the world, your content may never find it’s intended audience if you don’t structure it in a way that makes sense to machines.

The Matrix has you.